Quote Follow-up Automation

I help businesses convert their quotes into cash

Making your quote follow-up process EASY

Setting up and managing a consistent email automation to handle your entire quote follow-up process will free up your time so that you can concentrate on other areas of your business. It will also dramatically improve your customer nurture process and increase your quote conversion ratio.

The art of automation

Automatic emails, texts, and reminders
You and your quote recipient will receive a series of automatically triggered emails, texts, and alert reminders once you send a quotation. 

If this, then that
Your quote recipients will go through a targeted nurture funnel that’s segmented and customised according to the type of quotation you send and who you send it to. 

Automatic Entry Systems
Fire Protection
Facilities Management

Automated quote management for your industry

Any business that relies on sending quotes to prospective customers can benefit from an automated quote management solution to save time and help close more deals.

quote follow-up automation is cost effective

Let me automate your business workflow

I’ll setup and manage email automation to handle your quote follow-up process by creating a rigorous automated sequence for reminders, actions, alerts and more. Completely customised with “if this then that” logic, your customers would be segmented by groups and contacted by customised messaging to increase quote conversion. I’ll always be on hand throughout to make sure the ‘robots’ are doing the job and making any amendments to the automation as required.

Don't let your quotes go to waste. Increase your quote conversion rate with email automation.

Every email that your quote recipient receives will have interactive links so that they can provide feedback, request assistance, or accept the quote. That interaction will trigger a number of different programmable actions.

For Example; The customer provides feedback that the quotation is above the budget they expected. This response will immediately trigger a notification to you so that you can call the customer to negotiate a deal. 

The workflow and creative imagination is endless and can be applied to all scenarios

Automation Example

Here’s an example I used during my time at RamsayHolmes (Automatic Door Company). Let’s say a quotation is sent with the following tags;

New Customer“, “Installation“, “School“, “Above £10k“.

Send SMS notifying quote recipient that a quote has been sent.

Send email with testimonials from school caretakers and a case study from a recent installation at a school.

High-value quote trigger to receive a notification to give the quote recipient a personal phone call. 

Send email to educate new customer on the businesses USP and the benefits of an automatic door VS a manual door. 

Send email with before & after pictures of installations at schools. 

Quote recipient interacts with email and completes a purchase order.

Once a purchase order has been completed, receive a notification of a converted quotation. 

Send email thanking quote recipient for purchase order and listing the next step towards installation.

The fortune is in the follow-up

Grow your business with
quote follow-up automation

You could be losing out on multiple projects and huge amounts of revenue without a consistent nurture and follow-up workflow.

I automate your quote
follow-up process

You send a quote via an online dashboard or your job management software *

You get more
paying jobs

Consistent follow-up automation and nurture boosts your chances of paid work and saves you time. 

Your sales
revenue increases

With more work coming in, your revenue goes up and that means more profit!

* Instead of sending your quotes via your email platform, you’ll be provided with your own email portal with your customised quote parameters. If you use job management software to send your quotes then it may be possible to create an integration.

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Complete the form. Just a few simple details is all I need to begin. 


Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll arrange an online consultation to plan a strategic automated workflow that’s specific to your business. Once the details are finalised I’ll set it all up. 

Activate the automation

As soon as the workflow is setup, I’ll activate the automation and give you a dedicated dashboard to send your quotes (Or integration)

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